Cuyahoga Falls School Board Sends Facilities Master Plan to State Agency

Cuyahoga Falls -- With support from the community and the state, the city school district hopes a new generation of schools will rise for the children of Cuyahoga Falls. >>READ ARTICLE

On April 7, the Cuyahoga Falls Board of Education voted 4-0 to submit the district's estimated $158 million building master plan to the Ohio School Facilities Commission; that plan has the construction of new schools as its centerpiece. The plan will now be submitted to the commission in hopes the state will agree to help cover the expense of building five new elementaries and one new 7-12 school.

The plan is the culmination of months of work by the district's Building Our Future Together Committee. Superintendent Dr. Todd M. Nichols has said the district's aging buildings "pose a significant challenge to teaching and learning."

According to Nichols, Cuyahoga Falls has "significant issues with regard to ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) compliance, significant issues with regard to safety/security, HVAC, electrical systems, undersized classrooms and crumbling infrastructures in some places." Harold "Hal" Kendrick, the district's director of business, has said the educational spaces are inadequate for providing youngsters with a 21st century education.

Board member David E. Rump said he came to Cuyahoga Falls in 1969, the year Roberts Middle, DeWitt Elementary and the vocational wing of the high school opened. Having served the district in a variety of capacities, including business manager, Rump said he's familiar with the extensive repairs which have been undertaken and favors the idea of constructing new state-of-the-art schools.

"… We're standing on the edge of doing something really good," Rump said.


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