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Our clients rely on us for well-researched solutions and hands-on assistance to solve problems and maximize opportunities. The approach we take is tailored for each client and executed in collaboration. Often our approach requires the integration of a number of areas to achieve optimum results.


From start to finish, we are a strong partner who provides comprehensive leadership to implement a strategy and achieve a desired objective. Our approach has yielded consistent impact for both the public and private sector alike.

Action Research
Our Work

Our clients rely on us for well-researched solutions and hands-on assistance...


The foundation of our services is a research method that grounds strategy and actions in real-world data. Our team facilitates a comprehensive research process to identify issues, understand the landscape and maximize opportunities. Our process uses tools such as focus groups, needs assessments, communication audits, in-depth interviews, quantitative surveys and community listening sessions.



  • Anyone in a situation where learning the opinions, needs and values of the community is a necessity

  • A public body, planning for an issue campaign, that wants to ensure it has built the energy and connections necessary for success  

  • Leaders, organizations or public-private partnerships developing efficient new entities, systems, funding models or collaborations to solve problems or respond to opportunities





  • A business or law firm that is looking for a creative strategy to achieve their goals

  • Any public organization that wants to chart a course toward a more successful future


  • An Executive Director who needs the best counsel in a tough situation

  • The leadership of a school district who wants to increase their effectiveness and success


Whether your organization is seeking fundamental change in direction or effective positioning for future opportunities, we can help create a strategic plan specifically tailored to match your unique situation and goals. 
Our team will help you move from where you are to where you want to be in a well-researched, fully planned and deliberate manner.
We provide a variety of management services from start to finish, including budgets, timelines, fundraising, grassroots organizing and execution, direct mail, social media, and other aspects of the campaign process. Our dedication to strategic systems and services delivers ethical, successful practices for clients in a number of situations.



  • Any organization in need of securing local funding for operations or permanent improvement

  • A candidate seeking public office

  • Any government or public organization looking to expand through a capital project


Strategic Planning


A core expertise of Burges & Burges is building effective communications strategies including community engagement, institutional marketing, and government relations. We construct comprehensive and research-based and custom media strategies to provide a blueprint for overall success. 


Our strategy involves integrating traditional media and new technology to create a proactive, credible and responsive communication plan. We maximize proven traditional methods like direct mail, personal contacts and earned media and enhance them with e-communication strategies to reach the right target for you. We work with expert partners to develop and provide full-service electronic media plans that include interactive websites, social networking, email campaigns, online videos and blogging support.


Anyone in a situation where learning the opinions, needs, and values of the community are a necessity


An organization planning for change that needs to learn the opinions of key leaders


A public body, nonprofit or corporation that wants to increase ties with the community through grassroots outreach


 A campaign seeking to gain grassroots support and the ability to disseminate information quickly

Crisis Management
When a crisis happens, we can contain it, and perhaps help turn it into an opportunity. Our network of relationships in the media and public life help secure a successful outcome. Our services include crisis preparedness training sessions, developing crisis plans and policies, training of key executives for handling potential crises and preparing for testimony before a government body, board or with a member of the media.



  • A public or private entity with a media or community crisis

  • Health care, educational and other organizations that are reducing their staff or facilities

  • A company with an image issue that needs immediate attention

  • Organizations facing opposition from community interest groups

Whether you are a candidate, issue campaign or an organization looking to expand, effective and strategic fundraising is the key to success.  We provide feasibility studies, donor prospect research, cases for support, and lead donor cultivation for active political, non-profit and capital fundraising campaigns.

A candidate
seeking fundraising strategies that
lead to success


An issue PAC seeking the funds necessary to run a winning campaign

A non-profit organization looking
to expand through
a capital project

Any organization in need of help understanding
grant options and foundations


Equipped with the latest HD technologies, our creative team has great impact.
We have a full-time media planning and buying staff ready to maximize your advertising budget to reach your key constituency. Our planners determine which medium or media mix best suits each client. Our long-term relationships and large buying power mean you get the best value for your advertising budget.
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