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#AskBurges: How Should We Communicate Our Message?

Image credit: Ashley Griffin

It is difficult to get someone’s undivided attention nowadays. Information and messaging is inundating everyone every day on every device. The result is many people are only kind of listening.

People have developed the skill to tune out many messages. They scroll past them on their newsfeed; hurriedly find the small, often elusive ‘x’ to remove an ad from their screen; skim newsletters and e-mails; sometimes maybe make a choice even to not open an e-mail based on the subject line; and merely glance at a piece of mail on the way to the recycling bin.

So how do you get enough of someone’s attention to convey a message? Let me know when you figure that out because I’ve been trying to get my daughter’s attention for the past three months of quarantine and still haven’t been 100% successful.

What we’re here to tell you is that being a successful communicator is not just about getting someone to pay attention; it’s about repeating your message multiple times on multiple platforms, so that it’s tougher to miss. That’s right. You have to coordinate your communication across all of your channels, platforms, and devices so they are saying the same thing, but not necessarily in the exact same way.

With the presidential election less than four months away, messages and advertisements targeted to you and your constituents are going to ramp up (likely WAAAY up). So, as you begin to plan your own communications for the end of summer and fall, it will be imperative to be extremely strategic in your approach.

At Burges & Burges, we work with community colleges and school districts, ADAMHS Boards and transit agencies, libraries and parks, candidates and issue campaigns, and more to help strategize their communication and messaging across multiple channels to reach their intended audience. We can help you coordinate your mail pieces to coincide with ads; phone calls to repeat the same messaging as text messages; and follow-up emails to recap message points from virtual speaking engagements – all in an effort to ensure your target audience doesn’t miss your message.

#AskBurges for help to ensure your audience doesn’t miss your message by emailing

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