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#AskBurges: Don’t start your plan at a deficit

We’ve said this before, but it is worth saying again: It is vitally important for entities looking to make plans and process decisions for their organization – whether it be a school district, library, park district, or any entity serving the public – to intentionally seek stakeholders’ feedback from the get go.

If you only base your plans on internal knowledge, but require community support to execute – and you did not engage your community in the planning – you have started your plan at a serious deficit.

Understanding your stakeholders’ needs, priorities, and expectations; communicating important information about the organization’s challenges and concerns; processing their suggestions; and then adapting your plans to incorporate their feedback must be an integral component of your process.

Below are some key elements of effective and authentic community engagement to consider:

· Involves stakeholder participation that is broad and diverse

· Provides information and educates

· Allows for open dialogue and is authentically responsive to feedback

· Includes intention and clearly articulated goals

· Is sustained and systematic

Does your organization need to add perspectives and considerations from more of its stakeholders? #AskBurges for assistance in developing a community engagement process that fits your needs by sending us an email or calling our office at (216)261-3737.


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