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#AskBurges: How to Harness the Power of Video

By Nick Pecko, Vice President of Media

A picture is worth a thousands words, right? Well, how about video? Film’s younger sibling has been crushing it for decades. Time and time again, video disrupts the status quo and finds ways to embed, flourish and thrive in new media. With more platforms ever to consume and share video - digital, streaming and social media video are red hot and show no signs of cooling off. This year alone, video will account for close to 80% of all internet traffic[1].

Practically anyone can record video with one push of a button on their smartphone, but that is a night and day difference from producing a compelling story, or delivering a clear and concise message that engages people. A strong video can invoke feeling. It can motivate, persuade and transform your audience. Does your organization harness the power of video?

To effectively deliver your message, the first step is identifying the story you want to tell. A well-crafted story creates the foundation for the entire video project. The next step is how you tell that story. It starts with scripting followed by a well-devised plan to be able to deliver your story, message, and idea convincingly, but also concisely.

Once the plan is complete - lights, camera, action! The project moves into production and post production, and this is where the magic happens. Piecing together video and audio clips, moving clips around and trying new unscripted ideas, adding graphics and music is all part of the process. The original idea and story now take form and become more concrete. Then revisions, of course.

The video is now complete, but you can’t stop there. Many good videos have seen untimely deaths because they were simply posted on a website or YouTube. Please don’t expect people to know your video exists because it’s posted. With so much content out there, you have to promote your content if you want your target audience to see your video.

This is a lot and it can be overwhelming, but that’s why we’re here to help. Burges & Burges has extensive knowledge and many years of experience producing videos that “crush it” (as my kids say). No matter the content or style - we’ve done it and will enjoy doing it again.

Check out the video we produced for Euclid Schools. The District wanted to recruit new teachers and had a good idea for a video. We helped turn that idea into an effective and engaging video, which was then distributed on websites, social media and via a small digital video advertising campaign.

Does your organization need a video but doesn’t have the knowledge, equipment or time to commit to the project? #AskBurges for assistance in developing, scripting and producing a strategic, message driven video that delivers. Send us an email or call our office at (216) 261-3737.


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